When attacking a UX/UI project, my goals are to collect data information, research competitors, and meet user demands, all while still meeting business goals. With that start, I have a solid base to begin wire-framing. Once the high fidelity wireframes have been created, it's a collaborative process between Interaction Mangers, Stakeholders, Senior VPs, and Executives. This give and take process helps create the best desktop and mobile interface with a combination of animated prototypes, presentations, and problem solving. The end result is a design that meets the desires of all involved. 

Professionally, my goal is to be a UX/UI motion designer. Utilizing my skills as both a UX/UI designer and a motion designer allows me to give a glimpse into what the final product can look like and feel like.  It gives the ability to show clients and executives how the end user will interact with the interface before we go diving deep into code. This allows the team to focus on more important things such as the process of guiding the end user to the company goal.


Aimco Apartment Homes

Aimco currently uses a template website for over 60% of their properties. I am tasked with revitalizing a website that is specifically designed for ease of use. My goal is to enhance the overall user experience while still meeting business goals.

Responsibilities included: researching, create low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes, create prototypes, presenting to stakeholders, and problem solving better solutions to meet the demands of executives and our Senior VP.

Above you'll see the current design to see where exactly the direction were going in. Please contact me at gisella@gisellaciancidesgin.com for access.


tal gal

General Assembly
User Experience Design Student

Taking this course helped me refine my abilities to design user driven work while finding creative solutions that best meet the needs of my users.

Throughout this course I conducted competitive analysis and user interviews. I created personas, user flow, wireframes, and prototypes. I also designed interactive interfaces for a mobile product.

Although the final product resulted in a mobile interface, I believe that the methodologies I learned are invaluable lessons and skills for any designer in any medium.