tal gal

How Might We...
improve the shopping experience of tall women?


This was the problem I wanted to solve. Being a tall woman myself, I constantly have issues finding the perfect outfit for any event. I have noticed a lot of my shopping habits were developed at a young age. After interviewing other tall woman, I noticed that there was a huge lack of education about where and when to buy tall clothes as well as how expensive it is to be a tall woman. Shopping as a woman is tough; a size 6 in one store could mean a small, while a size 6 in another store could be inches bigger and fit more like a large. For men, a 34 in one store is the same size 34 in another store across the street.

After conducting user interviews and exploring websites, I focused my competitive analysis.  I was inspired by broad and successful companies such as goop, jcrew, thread up, and fashion blogger 'gal meets glam'. These platforms do a great job of combining a variety of brands within a single platform, yet still feel like the brand identity is consistent.  Clothing items are pulled from multiple manufacturers or product lines and the user experience and interface remains consistent.

My solution to the original problem was to collect the measurements of each user, connect the user with brands that carry her size, and then provide direct links to each brand website to make purchases. 

To the right, please enjoy the prototype I designed. Prototype was created with InVision.